To find the best transaction for our clients, relationships are critical. Relationships are especially critical in emerging sectors like cannabis, where standards, regulations, operations and business practices are in constant flux.

David Traylor is an active participant and speaker at financial and cannabis-related events and conferences around the globe. He has spoken on seminal topics in the sector such as regulation, valuations, financing strategies, M&A directives, brands, cultivation, clinical trials, science and management. David brings a deep, historical perspective on the industry, having initiated work in the sector in Colorado in 2013.

David’s knack for making meaningful connections with leading financial and cannabis professionals and influencers worldwide is critical to maximizing high quality capital sources for clients in a capital-constrained industry.

Photo provided courtesy of Lloyd Buck. – “Tilly” the Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Partners is Active Worldwide

We continue to expand our influence globally. We have had clients with operations on six continents. The only continent we haven’t worked on is Antartica.

The map below shows the location of our clients and also the cannabis, financial or psychopharmacology events we have participated in.

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