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Golden Eagle Partners has made appearances in industry news sources globally. Listed here are a few call outs to various sources.

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 “If you look at Utah and Oklahoma, that to me was the sea change in the U.S. because if you look at the church attendance per capita, Utah’s number one, Oklahoma’s number seven,” says Traylor. 

Calling the next recession – In 2019

Insiders Guide to Finance

“When banking a deal, he is the one advising you on terms and valuation while also assembling a book of investors.”

“…There is so much opportunity. New investors should know that it is a buyers/investors market – smart capital is in short supply for the cannabis industry. Growth is expensive, so capital is needed in large amounts resulting in cannabis being currently undercapitalized in the U.S. …”

Cannabrunch – Interview with David Traylor

“..Famous for connecting the right kind of capital to the right kind of companies..”