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Quantitative Approach

We believe the best perspectives are driven by a quantitative, data-driven approach, which can provide potentially clearer perspectives.  More clarity is especially important in current times, where volatility and global competition present obstacles to effective management and strategy.

Some examples of our analyses include:

Timely biopharma valuation arbitrage.  In late 2008, we identified the never before seen convergence of valuation curves for public biopharma companies even though they were in different stages of development.
Data to support successful negotiations.  We have a reputation for providing sound, data-driven positions in negotiations for our clients resulting in win-win structures and agreements.
Detecting Life science risk aversion.  Over the last seven years, we have been able to demonstrate through basic quantitative data the risk averse attitudes prevalent in the Life Science community. This allowed our clients to more effectively identify and close deals with the most appropriate technologies for our partners.​

Objective, Unbiased Perspectives

Having been a member of senior management teams, we understand the importance of providing objective perspectives.  We fulfill a distinct need to deliver unvarnished perspectives to our clients and potential clients, allowing them to make the most effective decisions in fast-paced, stringent environments.

Many of our competitors will provide information and data with the main purpose to secure a mandate or engagement.  Viewing opportunities through our lense of operational experience, our main goal is to inform our potential client, which we believe is the most effective way to gain business.

Actively Managed Processes

Golden Eagle Partners specializes in process optimization, through active management. This means:
• identifying changes in positioning, strategy or targets before they become issues,
• providing frequent updates to our clients,
• monitoring both the details and larger perspective of our efforts, and
• point four

Stringent Due Diligence 

Diligence is incredibly important to the GEP team.  It allows us to understand the business, any underlying technologies, the markets and the potential future and opportunity for our clients’ companies.  We have a number of sources for information ranging from peer-reviewed journals to market research reports.  

Our technical capabilities allow us to delve into and understand some of the most arcane technologies.  Our operational experience provides well-grounded perspectives on what is feasible and realistic when it comes to strategy, tactics and financial statements. This combination allows for us to run a due diligence process that will be as stringent as that conducted by potential investors, and we can therefore proactively help to address any potential questions before they are asked. 

Effective Positioning

We combine the aforementioned capabilities to produce and enhance how our clients position themselves.  In this day and age, it’s critically important to differentiate yourself above the noise.   We delve deeply into our clients’ stories.  As a result, we can enhance their presentation and more actively sell their story due to our better understanding of their story.

In addition, we understand that companies and concepts should be sold not narrated, which is a common mistake.  Actively selling our clients is very important in this day and age when venture firms, hedge funds and large corporate Life Science companies are understaffed.  Your first impression must be made effectively and concisely!

Cannabis, Hemp and Life Science Advisors

Golden Eagle Partners is unique in how we work with our clients

due to our reputations for:

  • Objective, Unbiased Perspectives
  • ​Actively Managed Processes
  • ​Str​ingent Due DIligence​
  • ​Effective Positioning


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