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Why Golden Eagle Partners?

Our clients select us due to our:

  • Small and large company experience
  • Transactional track record
  • Proven success with innovation
  • Operational expertise
  • FDA knowledge

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Cannabis, Hemp and Life Science Advisors

Staci Sanford has worked with and consulted large multi-national companies. In which she has focused primarily on business and clinical strategy as well as health economics.  Her translation of technical, commercial and financial concepts for our clients is invaluable. Additionally, she brings instrumental knowledge around the ever-changing dynamics and strategies within the life science space. 

Transactional Track Record

We have led and negotiated a broad range of transactions, including :

• Private Placements
• Financial Advisory
• Valuations

Corporate Development
• Joint Ventures
• Co-Development
• Strategic Advisory
• Partnering and Licensing

• Sell-side Advisory
• Buy-side Advisory
• Recapitalizations and Spin-offs, Reverse mergers/Alternative Public Offerings
• Terminal Valuations
• Asset Purchases

Due to our experience in the business development function in companies, we have a broader experience in these “incremental” transactions that are short of a merger or acquisition than most investment banks. As a result, we have the perspectives on broader transactional options than just M&A.

For more background on our transactional capabilities, please refer to our transaction section.

Operational Expertise

Before embarking on a career in investment banking, David Traylor spent 15 years in various operational roles in both private and public companies, including R&D, process development, manufacturing, program management and business development. His experience involved positions in both national and international companies located from Silicon Valley to Berlin, Germany.

David’s broad-based operational roles in various geographies have provided him with valuable insights and perspectives on what qualities are necessary for a company to succeed.

FDA Knowledge

David Traylor worked for a number of years in manufacturing, process development and program management positions that exposed him to the rigors of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its underlying regulatory frameworks. He also was responsible for an elegant bioprocess change. The change improved the efficiency of the process train to eliminate a specific contaminant, but was minor enough to not require significant redtape and revalidation from the FDA. Appreciation of how to operate within the requirements and parameters of the FDA allows us to provide proactive advice to our clients.

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Small and Large Company Experience

David Traylor has worked in senior strategic investment and business development roles for both private and public companies in the Life Science and Cannabis sectors, including the following: