Golden Eagle Partners

Broad Operational Experience

GEP has knowledge generated from broad operational experiences.

Getting to KNow GEP: advising Financings and Mergers & Acquisitions

The golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is one of the most well-known birds of prey.  Golden eagles are known to be smart, opportunistic hunters due to their cunning, agility and speed.  Due to its hunting prowess, the golden eagle is regarded with mystic reverence and respect.

Golden Eagle Partners is a leading specialty boutique investment bank serving public and private companies, venture firms, family offices, sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs in the Life Science and Cannabis/ Marijuana sectors. We are one of only a few investment banks servicing these sectors and are uniquely qualified by having operational experience in both sectors. We have broad experience across financing, M&A and strategic transactions.

Deep Transactional Competence

    GEP has a long history of completing                  beneficial transactions.

Focused Expertise

GEP focuses its operational and transactional expertise to provide insights to innovative transactions.